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Project implementation


We can proudly say that all the equipments are produced by Gál Gépszer 2010 Ltd. work properly as our partners expected from the first time


Time is money, so we are keen on to keep deadlines with success.


Informing our partners continosly has the same importance as producing or maintenance.


Anything unanticipated can happen during a process, so we can modify our plans if it is necessary.


Correct an consequent pricing belongs to our qualíty, we offer that price/value which makes our partners happy.


We develop our machinery contionusly from the intent to belog to the bests. We use always the most innovative solutions.

Looking back for the experiences working together with Gál Gépszer 2010 Ldt., I can say that they always keep all the deadlines and they are flexible in solving problems. Theese are wery important things for me. - Vági Tibor (Leva Team Kft. )
Our partnership has the following specifics: quality, keepind declarated deadlines, with a very good value of money. All the employee are well qualyfied, and they take care of keeping the rules of safety and environmental awareness. Simple but resourceful solutions, that’s Gál Gépszer 2010 Ldt.- Tóth Sándor (IBV Hungária Kft. )

Do you consider keeping deadlines important?

We always keep the deadlines are laid down in our agreement, unless our partner wants to modify it. We use such a shedule, that contains place for unexpected occasion. Our success is based on continious communication with our partners from the beginning to the end of the test run.

Would you like the delivered equipment is exactly the same you ordered?

Naturally our products are well planned and controlled after mounting. Only after the test run will be the product transmitted. „Producing perfect for the first” is our company’s philosophy.

Worrying about overbilling?

Quality asks for the price, but correct an consequent pricing makes our company reliable and trustworthly.

Have your ever been in such a position that you didn’t get assistance after starting up your machine?

Our company supplies it’s partners with on-site support, maintenance, covering spare parts,

Would you like your dream come true in field of projects?