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Up-to-date development, world class maintenance system

Developing maintenance


Our system of maintenance is developed by the experiences of working for multinational companies.


We have more than 15 years of experience of maintenance.


We recognised that nowadays things are changing faster than before, so we are about to personalize our partners expectations. No matter you need full or part tasks, we always have a good idea.


We use systems are prooved in real life not only in theory.


Sometimes resources have their own limit, so we can undertake the whole project if you don’t have the staff for every task.


We help you in developing during the whole process. Audit system guarantees the perfect run.

Looking back for the experiences working together with Gál Gépszer 2010 Ldt., I can say that they always keep all the deadlines and they are flexible in solving problems. Theese are wery important things for me. - Tóth Sándor (IBV Hungária Kft.)
Our partnership has the following specifics: quality, keepind declarated deadlines, with a very good value of money. All the employee are well qualyfied, and they take care of keeping the rules of safety and environmental awareness. Simple but resourceful solutions, that’s Gál Gépszer 2010 Ldt.- Vági Tibor (Leva Team Kft. )

Is it an other consultant company?

We are not a consultant company in the classic meaning. We tell you not only the failure, but we help you to solve the problem according to your immanigation. Of course if you only need consultancy, we can help you, but we believe in complex solutions.

Our maintenance crew is always in a rush. How can this company make time for everything?

This is why we are existing. We add a project team to you crew, which will become a part of your staff.

Why is the maintenance suggestion in machine’s manual not good for me?

User manual is a good fundament, but it is not enough. You have to know the specialities depending on the cicumstances, so optimalizing is a must. You can plan your production whe you use existing experiences.

But what about the costs?

Services have their prices, but good services worth the price. If you save time, get quality and instant help, you will realise higher profit.

Would you like a world class maintenance system?