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We don’t like much maintenance, we believe in well done maintenance

Preventive maintenance of industrial equipments


Our team of enginiers and technicians has all the experience is need to execute even the most complex projects.


Our team get used to keep the rules in all cirumstance.


No matter what is the machine we maintenance, we do it with care, as it was a space shuttle.


We keep all the international, national or local safety regulation so that our team can work in perfect security


We think that problems are possibilities, so our professional team does it’s best,to solve all the problems can be found.


During a project, our team members are integrated to the partners’ local work system, which makes communication and troubleshooting easyer.

Looking back for the experiences working together with Gál Gépszer 2010 Ldt., I can say that they always keep all the deadlines and they are flexible in solving problems. Theese are wery important things for me. - Vági Tibor (Leva Team Kft. )
Our partnership has the following specifics: quality, keepind declarated deadlines, with a very good value of money. All the employee are well qualyfied, and they take care of keeping the rules of safety and environmental awareness. Simple but resourceful solutions, that’s Gál Gépszer 2010 Ldt.- Tóth Sándor (IBV Hungária Kft. )

Are you worry abot overbilling?

Our jobs are always traceable and controllable. We keep the terms of the contract, so all the prices are the same as they are written.

Are you sure that maintenance is always in time?

We always do the projects are undertaken and keep the deadlines we promised. To make this for sure we strongly suggest our written maintenance contract, which guaranties to be first in a case of a rush.

Are you sure that all the methods are done you pay for?

We use special maintenance list, which contains all the specifications of our partners’. You can controll us any time you want, any part of the job you choose and always at the end of a sub task with test run. The partner’s operator is the person who confirms tha the job is done in such a mode as the partner wanted, and such a quality we promised.

Are you dissatisfied because of tonns of tehnical errors?

Machines sometimes get out of order. It’s a natural process when you use them. The lasting of dysfunction can be made shorter when you have a good maintenance plan, which is specially made for your devices’ specific. In this case we can indicate the working time and minimalise downtime.

Would you like a team which is keen on maintenance?